ADD/ADHD Assessments for Adults and Children

How does the ADD/ADHD Assessment work?

The process for providers may be slightly different, but the same tools can be used. The scales used by Dr. Schneider are Brown EFA, CAARS Assessment, ASRS sent through SimplePractice and the Wender Utah Scale.

For adults, ADD/ADHD Assessments involve completing intake paperwork and a few scales prior to the face-to-face or telehealth session. The session is a clinical interview which includes a discussion of your responses on the scales as well as a discussion of developmental history and how symptoms have impacted multiple areas of the patient's life. 

For children, Dr. Schneider will meet with the parents/guardians first, then the child and then she will follow up with the parents/guardians to discuss the ADD/ADHD Assessment. 

The first part of the clinical interview helps Dr. Schneider to figure out how the patient learns best in reference to working memory. This helps her to understand how to present information to the patient.  

How long will it take to get my results?

For adults, a mental health evaluation report is turned around in 2 weeks. 

For children, Dr. Schneider may need two sessions to gather all information necessary. The reports typically take 4 weeks and sometimes involve referrals for additional testing. 

All reports include a discussion of strengths and specific recommendations based on the individual needs of the patient.

How do I know if I need counseling? 

If the patient needs counseling services, this will be established with Dr. Schneider. It will focus on present concerns and the development of strategies to assist with symptom management. 

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