Tina Schneider, Ph.D., Owner, Founder

Tina is the Owner and Founder of Monarch Counseling. She is a licensed counseling psychologist in Westerville, OH. Her work environment is in private practice. Tina is certified by The Ohio state board of psychology (License: P.07857.) 

Monarch Counseling specializes in ADHD testing and ADHD counseling, including ADHD in men, women, adolescents, teens, and children. Tina Schneider, Ph.D. has developed a method to determine strengths in learning and memory. Results are used to develop strategies to manage symptoms of ADHD. As an adult, Tina Schneider, Ph.D. was diagnosed with ADHD and has a child with ADHD. She teaches techniques she also uses. 

Monarch Counseling also has independent contractors. Their specializations include testing and counseling and EMDR, to treat symptoms of PTSD and trauma. Check your insurance to see if Monarch Counseling is in network.

ADHD treatment places an emphasis on a person's strengths, relative to learning styles. This includes an individualized assessment. Interventions include mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy, as well as solution-focused therapy. Homework incorporates the tools learned during session, to improve the management of ADHD symptoms.

Monarch Counseling knows sometimes it's helpful to get another perspective, especially if you think you might have ADHD, wonder if your child has ADHD. Maybe you feel guilt, anxiety, depression, identify with RSD, and/or feel overwhelmed. You want to know if it's just anxiety or depression. Let Monarch Counseling help you find the answers you deserve.

Contact Information

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Westerville, OH 43082
Phone: 614-653-5281
Fax: 614-675-4449
Email: t.schneider.phd@gmail.com