Executive Functioning: Support for Parents in the Time of COVID-19

Executive functioning involves the mental processes used in behaviors associated with problem-solving. According to Russell Barkley, Ph.D.,  a prominent authority on the topic of ADHD, executive functioning includes: inhibition, resisting distraction, self-awareness, working memory, having emotional control, and being motivated. Although difficulties in executive functioning are not associated with whether a person is diagnosed with ADHD, there is research to suggest that people diagnosed with ADHD often have difficulties in the areas of executive functioning. Most recently, many parents, family members, and other primary caregivers have taken on the role of educator, in their home environments. Guidance in understanding interventions to support students with ADHD and other neurodevelopmental conditions is pertinent for success in this current educational environment. 

Marburn Academy  is an independent day school devoted to serving the educational needs of bright students who learn differently. The school offers free parent trainings through webinars. Check out the following training on the topic of executive functioning:Marburn AcademyLink to slides: https://lnkd.in/ef8_qQUCheck out https://marburnacademy.org/community/free-seminars/ to register for the next free parent webinar.