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Posting a review of services from Monarch Counseling, Inc. is your right as a patient and it is entirely up to you to decide whether you wish to write a review. You will never be asked to post reviews of Monarch Counseling, Inc. for the reasons below. 1. The American Psychological Association's Ethics Code states that it is unethical for psychologists to solicit testimonials: Principle 5.05 "Psychologists do not solicit testimonials from current therapy clients/patients or other persons who because of their particular circumstances are vulnerable to undue influence." Since you may decide to return to therapy with Monarch Counseling, Inc. at a later date, we do not request testimonials from people who have discontinued therapy. 2. Unlike other business owners who may respond to their reviews, Monarch Counseling, Inc. must provide confidentiality to their patients . This means Monarch Counseling, Inc. is restricted from responding in any way that acknowledges whether someone has received mental health services as a patient of Monarch Counseling, Inc.